The world scenery highlights a continuous demand of energy.

ITS, the "Energy Saving Specialist", makes technological installations powered from renewable sources.

Today the best investment is the energy efficiency, which produces a great payback in certain times, and enhances our real estate. 

ITS's solutions combines traditional and innovative technologies, mainly using renewable energies (sun, wind, water, biomass, land).

In addition to traditional systems, ITS propose own production Stirling-cycle engines, that stands for particular configurations and innovative and unreleased solutions, that was worldwide patented. These solutions permitted to reach performances and reliability that cannot be found on competitors. These engines shows big multi sectoral potential: they can easily used to produce electrical energy and for co-generation, in civilian and industrial applications.

A micro-cogeneration system with ITS-Energy's engines can satisfy the thermal and electrical requirements of a user in a single economical and ecological solution.