Innovative Technological Systems

Stirling-Cycle Engines, exclusive for configurations, performances and dimensions;

Industrial and Civilian applications to produce electrical energy and for cogeneration;

Energy solutions from renewable sources;

On-Line selling;

RECOICE European Project participation, successfully closed (2012-2016);

DECISIVE H2020 European Project participation, just started (2016-2020);


Resiutta: Micro Cogeneration System

It's an innovative cogeneration system, born from the union of a Stirling engine and the pyrolysis process, which burns wooden biomass and transforms it into energy and charcoal.... Continue>


RECOICE Project: successful closure

The EC funded RECOICE project was successfully concluded in June 2016. Project partners of the consortium met at the end of June in Gorizia, Italy to evaluate the prepared prototype and to discuss further steps of future market entry. ... Continue>



ITS is a partner of the RECOICE European Project, “Development of an economical on-board liquid ice preparing systems”.... Continue>