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RECOICE European Project participation, successfully closed (2012-2016);

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Resiutta: Micro Cogeneration System

It's an innovative cogeneration system, born from the union of a Stirling engine (the warm air engine, invented in 1800 and reinterpreted by ITS-Energy from TechnoAREA Gorizia) and the pyrolysis process, which burns wooden biomass and transforms it into energy and charcoal. This system was built by ITS in Resiutta, in the seat of "Museo della Miniera per il Parco delle Prealpi Giulie", on the initiative of the "Comunità Montana del Gemonese", "Val Canale - Canal del Ferro" within the Interreg Italia - Austria "Altervis" project. This project was made for the promotion of the energy independence from renewable sources.

The system, meant for both thermal and electrical energy production, works for the entire day with a micro-gasifier, powered by wooden biomass (woodchips), attached to a boiler that accumulates warm water both for thermal and for health care use. The energy produced will be used by the housing building, while the rest of the charcolal will enter the agricultural fines list as soon as it will be certified from the Ministry of Environment.

The technology was presented in Tolmezzo, during the closure meeting "Autonomia Energetica da Fonti Rinnovabili" from the "Altervis" project.