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RECOICE European Project participation, successfully closed (2012-2016);

DECISIVE H2020 European Project participation, just started (2016-2020);



ITS is a partner of the RECOICE European Project, “Development of an economical on-board liquid ice preparing systems”.


RECOICE’s objective is to produce ice without using additional energy on deep-sea fishing vessels. RECOICE will recover heat from the exhaust gasses of the vessels with an ITS’s Stirling Engine, to produce mechanical energy at zero cost. Paired with the compressor, RECOICE will produce the necessary ice for the conservation of the daily catches.


Preliminary tests demonstrated that during 10 hours of travel the RECOICE system will produce almost 3 tons of liquid ice. This value is sufficient for covering the ice demand to preserve the daily catches in a small-size fishing vessel. In a medium vessel, according to efficiency and performances calculations, you could spare almost 11.600 lt of diesel per year, using the RECOICE system instead of the various commercial onboard ice-production machines. Considering that the medium price of the diesel is 1,39euro x lt, the direct spare regarding diesel expenses is 16.000 euro per year (each vessel).


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