The italian houses are often inefficient, they waste heat and consume too much, so the State predicted a range of concessions to support the energy efficiency and to reduce the energy expenses.

Is therefore possible to spend less on energy bills and curb the pollution without renouncing at the comfort, and the government facilities provides a good support for that purpose.

How you do this?
The intervention of energy requalification enjoy different kind of concessions, according to the technology installed.



It's a concession that boosts energy efficiency interventions and the production of heat energy from renewable sources. It's not properly a detraction, but it's a contribute paid directly on the bank account of the installer. The contribute is calculated on the single kind of intervention. You can obtain it mostly in 5 annual instalments, but in some cases (mostly for "domestic" interventions) in 2 years. To have access to the contribute, the systems should have some minimal performances.


Who spends for a service covered by a contribution, will receive it directly in his bank account. The duration of the contribution is established according to the kind of intervention made. If you have already received other state incentives, you cannot access to those.


The contribute is determined by a calculation which consider the climatic zone and various data regarding the installed technology. For example, a private can obtain more than 2000 E in 2 years, for changing an existent winter cooling system with a biomass boiler or an electric thermal pump. Instead, through the installation of solar panels, he can obtain more than 1500E in 2 years.


Private subjects (individuals, condominiums and subjects which holds agricultural or firm incomes) and Public Administrations can access the incentives.

Public Administrations can use funds from third party, an Energy Performance Contract or an energy service (also through an ESCO) to access the incentives.


The interventions which guarantees the access to the thermal account concern the increasing of the energy efficiency in existent buildings or in parts of them, in every cadastral catergory, provided it's equipped with an air conditioner. Specifically, for the Public Administrations are provided :

  • Thermal insulation of the matt areas;
  • Sustitution of transparent closures and fixtures;
  • Substitution of winter cooling systems with condensation heat generators;
  • Installation of non-transportable shielding and shading systems to protect the Eastern and Southern transparent closures.
For what concerns high efficiency systems and production of thermal energy from renewable sources, these bonuses are available both to Public Administrations and private subjects:
  • Substitution of existent winter cooling systems with heat pumps (electrical, gas powered, aerothermal, geothermal or hydrotermal energy) having a nominal heat power lower than 1000 Kw;
  • Substitution of existent winter heating or cooling systems installed in greenhouses or farm buildings, with biomass-powered heat generator systems (nominal heat power lower than 1000 Kw)
  • Installation of Solar Heat Panels, also combined with solar cooling systems, having a gross solar surface lower than 1000 square meters;
  • Substitution of electrical water-heaters with heat pump-powered water-heaters.

To access the bonuses, the systems must provide some minimal performances. If you change your diesel, oil or carbon-powered boiler with a biomass boiler, you can access the incentives.


A maximum limit is provided for the amount intended for the incentive:

  • 700 millions for the private subjects. After 60 days past you reached that cumulated total expense, you're not allowed to access the incentives yet;
  • 200 millions, for the Public Administration. When you reach that cumulated total expense, after 60 days you will not be able to access the incentives yet.


The subjects who are planning to access the incentives should contact GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici) within 60 days by the end of the works. The request must be attached by all the documentation requested (for ex. ACE - Attestato Certificazione Energetica, the asseveration of a qualified technician who certifies the appropriate sizing of the heat generator, invoices and receipts related to the bank transfers, substitutive declaration of attested affidavit, etc...).