During the year 2014, we took part to the European RECOICE Project. You can find the complete informations of projects and participants below.

The innovation

Typically, fishing vessels of 100 tonnes and over are equipped with refrigeration installations and have on-board freezers in which to store their catch. Given that it is simply not feasible to store sufficient ice purchased at a port terminal on board to meet the needs of a long voyage, these types of vessels process the catch at sea and must have ice generators installed for cooling fish during processing.

Fishing vessels between 20 and 100 tonnes also normally embark on lengthy fishing excursions. Some are equipped with compressor refrigerators; however, most use ice to preserve the catch. Usually, ice is loaded on board at the beginning of the day; however, some vessels have invested in on-board ice generators due to the difficulties involved in securing regular supplies without incurring unacceptable delays in port.

This project will build on existing technologies by combining them into a new application designed to save fuel and reduce carbon-dioxide emission by small fishing vessels. This additional resource (fuel) free technology will also lower costs of ice-making.

As a logistic benefit, we note the enhanced flexibility of fishing vessels: equipped with an on-board ice-making machine they can take advantage of the best “catching times” without waiting for pre-produced ice in a harbour.


The 30/06/2016 the project closed successfully, and we reached the fixed objectives. Project partners of the consortium met at the end of June in Gorizia, Italy to evaluate the prepared prototype and to discuss further steps of future market entry