During the year 2014, we took part to the European RECOICE Project. You can find the complete informations of projects and participants below.

ITS-Energy's contribution

ITS-Energy contributed to the devenlop and the design of an innovative Stirling Engine, which operates through the exhaust gasses of the hosting fishing vessel. The Engine gives electrical power to an inboard liquid-ice prodction machinery, through the processation and purification of the sea water. 

RECOICE solution bases on an heat recovery system, which will provide the necessary heat (combustible) to drive the Stirling engine. The system will use the energy that comes from the exhaust gasses of the fishing vessel, recovering it through an heat exchanger from the exhaust pipes. The Stirling engine will provide the necessary power to drive the cooling system unit.

We can approximately estimate that the diesel engines that powers small fishing vessels, operates with a total efficiency of the 30%, so essentially every 10 L of fuel, 7 are combusted without utilisation -> RECOICE will capture a part of this wasted energy to produce ice -> this will accordingly increase the global efficiency of the fishing vessel.

Main components of the RECOICE solution:

  1. - Heat exchanger on exhuast's gasses;
  2. - Stirling Engine;
  3. - Refrigeration Unit;
  4. - Disinfection Unit.

Below, a scheme that explains the relations between the 4 components of the solution:


The 30/06/2016 the project closed successfully, and we reached the fixed objectives. Project partners of the consortium met at the end of June in Gorizia, Italy to evaluate the prepared prototype and to discuss further steps of future market entry